★( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜 The Cyberboat 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜) ( っ^◡^)っ❤


How to connect in our server:

1. Download and launch Xonotic:

   Download Xonotic

   You can use stable, but autobuild is strongly recommended.

2. Find in server list, or open console (`) and paste this command: connect

If you see black map/screen or something missing visually in the server, delete all downloaded incorrect content inside dlcache:

   Windows: %HOMEPATH%\Saved games\xonotic\data\dlcache

   Linux: $HOME/.xonotic/data/dlcache

And reconnect again to the server. It's recommended using autobuild and stop using 0.8.2.

If it doesn't go well, you can download all the files on this server:

Cyberboat Xonotic server file contents

Files like csprogs-cyber -... pk3 and zzz -... pk3 are the most important. The others are maps, download one if it went wrong when you played.

Save them in dlcache where the directories mentioned previously there are above.


Players can break cyberboxes and obtain random items!


Cyberbox special items


+Damage is sometimes halved
+When receiving damage, absorbs armor


+Pick up items a bit far


+Walk and jump in the water like the ground
+No drowning


+Get all ammo


+Shoot a bit faster
+When shooting enemies, stoles health pieces
+Consume less ammo


+Armor stable regeneration
+Go under lava
+Jump a bit higher
+When damage is received, it's halved luckily

TRI-WIELDING, the legendary Akimbo

Players can hold 3 weapons!



The legendary sword of the fallen warrior is here!
It can shot Z-Shockwaves as primary shot.


Some tricks:

Keep in mind about your binded keys, the following info uses default binded keys, you can check your binded keys typing that command in console: bindlist
Check the binded keys, "+hook" and "+use", in the displayed bindlist command.

- You can bind a key to switch nades, opening the console you use a command like that: bind c "toggle cl_nade_type 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12; sendcvar cl_nade_type"
 Which will cause it to be binded to the C key to be able to switch nade from 1 to 12.
 But you can custom bind something like this: bind c "toggle cl_nade_type 3 6 10 12; sendcvar cl_nade_type"
 So it will bind the nade switch from 3 to 6 to 10 to 12.

 Remember, to throw grenades, press the E key (binded by default "+hook"). If you've the Grappling Hook, with which you can't hold down the E key, you'll have to press the G key (binded by default "dropweapon") and press it again to throw the nade, since it works by clicking once and again to perform the action.


- You can ride on top of your teammate or catch a team bot player to ride with you by pressing the F key (binded by default "+use").

- You can open quick menu to change hats, use F8 > Visuals > Hats
 The change of hat will be applied when you've respawned.
 Note: this option is on the server.


- You can change announcer, to change, there are these available announcer on the server:
  cl_announcer mario
  cl_announcer shobon

- About chat sounds, you can open quick menu (pressing F8) > List of chat sounds or use a command: cmd sounds
 The list of sounds that can be played in chat will be displayed for everyone to hear. Then when you chat, you write the name of the sound and play it to make everyone hear that.


 To deactivate chat sounds, you can open quick menu (pressing F8) > Chat sounds or use in the console: cl_chat_sounds 0. (And activated is cl_chat_sounds 1).

How to play the things that are used on our server:

New nades!

Use cl_nade_type 10 to switch to the emerald nade! In it, you can summon healing items, ammo and weapons.

Use cl_nade_type 11 to switch to the ammo nade! In it, you can explode an orb where you can increase your ammo, and if you throw it near your opponent, he will lose ammo.

Use cl_nade_type 12 to switch to the dark nade! In it, you will be able to make a dark smoke explosion against your opponent that will be blind for a few seconds.

Instead using the commands, you can switch nade in the quick menu, press F8 > Nades > Continue...

More info about nades:

New gamemode!
Murder in Megaerebus Manor

It is similar to the gamemode "Trouble in Terrorist Town". The "Civilian" cannot see who the "Murderer" is, he has to find out who the "Murderers" are and has to survive the round. The "Murderer" must kill all the "Civilians" trying not to be discovered by the others. The "Detective" is from "Civilians" group, he has to research using Shockwave weapon (2) shooting at the corpse and he will receive the corpse information to see who killed him or how he died.

Includes a Karma point system, the lower the Karma, the less damage the player can do by attacking another. And if it is lower than the minimum, it will be forced to go into spectator mode or kicked from the server or banned.

More info about that game mode (old info and not yet updated):

Mod source code:

   Branch in the Official Xonotic base code:

   Modpack code resources:

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